S.No.Project TitlePI & Co-PIFunding AgencyDuration
1Development of high sensitivity Organic Photo Transistors through fine control of film morphology and interfacial effectsDr. Vipul SinghSERB, DST2013-2016
2Synchrophasor based real time wide area security assessmentDr. Trapti JainSERB, DST2013-2016
3Analytical and Simulation Study of Bidirectional Relaying Strategies in Cognitive Radio NetworksDr. Prabhat Kumar UpadhyaySERB, DST2013-2016
4Design, fabrication and ultrafast electrical switching of nanoscale ovonic threshold-switch (OTS) selectors for high-density phase change Memory (PCM) applicationsDr. M. AnbarasuSERB, DST2013-2016
5Development of Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for non-Invasive Imaging of Solitary Thyroid NodulesDr. Srivathsan VasudevanDepartment of Biotechnology2013-2016
6Development of a Novel Vertically Stackable Cross-Point Phase Change Memory Devices for High-Density Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) ApplicationsDr. M. AnbarasuSERB, DST2013-2017
7Development of novel phase change memory (PCM) material for high density non- volatile electronic memory applicationsDr. M. AnbarasuDepartment of Atomic Energy (DAE)2014-2017
8Electrical optical, elemental, & structural properties of dual-ion-beam-sputter deposited plasmonic-base group i-iii-vi2-chalcopyrite photovoltaic thin filmDr. Shaibal Mukherjee, Dr. Abhinav Kranti, & Dr. C. MukherjeeDepartment of Atomic Energy (DAE)2014-2017
9Investigation of analog/RF and digital performance of cylindrical gate (ClyG) Gate-All-Around (GAA) Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) for ultra low power applicationsDr. Santosh Kumar VishvakarmaCSIR2014-2017
10Design of robust communication receiver based on ofdm in interference limited channels for tvws (IEEE 802.22)Dr. Vimal BhatiaDeitY2014-2017
11Quasi Z-Source based Standalone PV systemDr. Amod C. UmarikarSERB, DST2014-2017
12Determination of band offsets by photoelectron spectroscopy and identification of chemical and physical states of atoms of chalcogenide and kesterite materialsDr. Shaibal MukherjeeSERB, DST2015-2018
13Establishment of an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)Dr. Vimal BhatiaMST, DST2014-2019
14Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System DesignDr. Santosh Kumar VishvakarmaSERB, DST2015-2020
15Design and development of integrated nanophotonic platform based on hybrid photonic-plasmonic waveguide for communication and bio-sensingDr. Mukesh KumarCSIR2015-2018
16Germanium junctionless transistors for low power logic technology applicationsDr. Abhinav KrantiCSIR2016-2019
17Development of new methodologies for analysis and classification of epileptic seizure EEG signalsDr. Rambilas PachoriCSIR2016-2019
18Development of Counter Measures for presentation attacks on Biometric Systems with Focus on hand Geometry and Palmprint Based SystemsDr. Vivek KanhangadCSIR2016-2019
19Development and study of the effect of valence plasmonic features and band alignment on the performance of cadmium-free and cost-effective chalcopyrite and kesterite heterojunctions for photovalraic applicationsDr. Shaibal MukherjeeSERB, DST2016-2019
20Innovative low power transistor architectures for capacitorless DRAMDr. Abhinav Kranti , Dr. Shaibal Mukherjee, Prof. Jyi-Tsong LinGlobal Innovation & Technology Alliance2016-2019