Faculty Members
Dr. Amod C. Umarikar
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 734, Email: umarikar[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
High step-up DC-DC converters
Integration of Renewable Energy sources to Grid
Power Quality analysis and monitoring
Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 716, Email: pachori[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Biomedical Signal Processing, Speech Signal Processing
Time-Frequency Analysis
Dr. Santosh K. Vishvakarma
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 719, Email: skvishvakarma[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Nanoscale Devices and VLSI/ULSI Circuit Design
Multigate GAA MOSFET modeling and Circuit Implementation
Multigate MOSFET (DG, FinFET) based SRAM Design
Dr. Shaibal Mukherjee
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 704, Email: shaibal[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Opto-electronics, organic electronics
Nano-scale sensors, memory devices and Nanophotonics
Nano-scale multiple quantum well lasers, hybrid LEDs, photodetectors, solar cells
Dr. Vipul Singh
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 715, Email: vipul[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Organic electronic/photonic devices and their applications, Photo luminescence spectroscopy, novel sensors based on organic electronic devices
Silicon nanodevices, Single electron devices, Bulk and SOI MOSFETs, Low frequency noise in MOSFETs
MOSFET based sensors, Low power information processing circuits and RF-SET
Dr. Abhinav Kranti
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 741, Email: abhinav[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Solid-State Devices, Circuit Design and Nanotechnology
Low power circuit design (for analog/RF/digital applications) with nanoscale devices
Design and analysis of GaN and ZnO based HEMTs
Dr. Srivathsan Vasudevan
Assistant Professor
Phone:- +91 732 4240 743, Email: svasudevan[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Photothermal response and photothermal imaging
Photoaccoustic microscopy for biomedical applications and Biophotonics
Dr. M. Anbarasu
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 715, Email: anbarasu[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Nanoscale phase change electronic memory devices
Multi-bit data storage, stackable cross-point memory devices
Non-voltaile memory
Dr. Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay
Assistant Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 718, Email: pkupadhyay[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Wireless cooperative communication techniques
Performance analysis of relaying strategies over wireless fading channels
Dr. Trapti Jain
Head of the Department
Assistant Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 769, Email: traptij[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Power system security analysis
Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systems and Power Quality
Electric Vehicles & Smart grid
Dr. Vivek Kanhangad
Assistant Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 757, Email: kvivek[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Dr. Vimal Bhatia
Associate Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 765, Email: vbhatia[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing
Signal Processing for Wireless Communication
Voice over IP (VOIP)
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Phone: +91 732 4240 756, Email: mukesh.kr[at]iiti.ac.in
Research Interests:
Integrated Optoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Semiconductor Optoelectronics
Nano-scale photonic devices, Optical Interconnects
Micro/Nano Fabrication Technologies