Courses offered for B.Tech by Electrical Engineering

Semester II
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 104Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EE 154Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab

Semester III
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 201Network Theory
EE 203Electronic Devices
EE 205Introduction to Electrical Systems
EE 253Electronic Devices Lab

Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 202Signals and Systems
EE 204Analog Circuits
EE 206Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
EE 208Digital Systems
EE 254Analog Circuits Lab
EE 256Electrical Machines Lab
EE 258Digital Systems Lab

Semester V
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 301NMicroprocessors and Digital Systems Design
EE 303Probability and Random Processes
EE 305Electromagnetic Waves
EE 307Communication Systems
EE 309Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation
EE 311VLSI Systems and Technology
EE 351NMicroprocessors and Digital Systems Design Lab

Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 302Control Systems
EE 304Digital Signal Processing
EE 306Digital Communications
EE 308Power Systems
EE 352Control Systems Lab
EE 356Communications Lab

Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 493B. Tech. Project (BTP)

Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Name
ZZ xxxElective-I
ZZ xxxElective-II
ZZ xxxElective-III
ZZ xxxElective-IV
ZZ xxxElective-V

Departmental Elective courses for semester VIII
EE 410 Power Electronic Applications to Power Transmission
EE 411 Communication System Theory
EE 412 Digital Communication Systems
EE 413 Discrete Data and Digital Control
EE 414 Special Semiconductor Devices
EE 415 Electronic Instrumentation
EE 416 Industrial Instrumentation
EE 417 Analog Filters
EE 418 Control System Design
EE 419 Biomedical Optics
EE 420 IC Fabrication Technology
EE 421 MOS Devices and Modeling
EE 422 Digital Circuit Design
EE 424 Advanced Micro-processes and Nanotechnology
EE 426 MOSFET Reliability Issues
EE 427 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
EE 428 Advanced Memory Technology
EE 429 Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics
EE 430 Analog CMOS IC Design
EE 431 Organic Electronics
EE 432 Optoelectronics
EE 434 Semiconductor Based Devices
EE 436 Microwave and Satellite Communication
EE 438 Computer Control and Automation of Power Systems
EE 441 Advanced Signal Processing
EE 446 Information and Coding Theory

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Courses offered for M.Tech(CSP) by Electrical Engineering

Semester I
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 603Optimization Techniques
EE 641Advanced Signal Processing
EE 643Detection and Estimation Theory
EE 701Time-Frequency Analysis
ZZ XXXElective-I

Semester II
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 642Wireless Communication
EE 644Image Processing
EE 646Information and Coding Theory
ZZ XXXElective-II
EE 698PG seminar course

Semester III
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 799M. Tech. Research Project (Stage-I)

Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Name
EE 800M. Tech. Research Project (Stage-I)

Electrical Engineering courses for Electives-I to VI
EE 601: Power Electronics
EE 607: Power System Operation and Control
EE 619: Biomedical Optics
EE 620: IC Fabrication Technology
EE 621: MOS Devices & Modeling
EE 622: Digital Circuit Design
EE 623: Introduction to VLSI Design
EE 625: VLSI Signal Processing
EE 626: MOSFET Reliability Issues
EE 627: Fundamentals of Analog CMOS IC Design
EE 628: Advanced Memory Technology
EE 629: Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics
EE 631: Organic Electronics
EE 645: Mathematical Methods for Signal Processing
EE 722: Optoelectronics
EE 724: Advanced Micro-processes and Nanotechnology
EE 740: Speech Signal processing
EE 742: MIMO Wireless Communications

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