B.Tech. Program
The B.Tech. Program in Electrical Engineering is a four-year program with selection through the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. Students are encouraged to work on research projects from their second year onwards in addition to the mandatory summer internship after the third year and the final year project. Projects are inter–disciplinary and involve faculty members from other disciplines. The final year project is research-oriented wherein students interact with research scholars, faculty members and collaborators from industry and academia on a regular basis.

M.Tech. Program
M. Tech. program in Communication and Signal Processing is a two year masters program focusing on specialized courses in communication and signal processing. The second year of the program is completely dedicated to Master's thesis work.

Ph.D. Program
The Ph.D. program is an inter–disciplinary program undertaken by students from diverse backgrounds including Physics, Bio-Engineering, Photonics, Materials Science, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in addition to Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students are trained in research via challenging and exciting research projects in both theoretical and applied engineering. Currently, 67 students are enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering.